Sheet music collection ‘Darkness in Basement’

Sheet music collection ‘Pimedus keldris’ (Darkness in Basement) is a collection of my piano compositions that are born during my studies 2005-2015. Though born at a time when I was always bound with a school be it elementary school or university, the inspiration to write this music always came from brilliant situations, places and people around me. The impulse to compile the collection came from a need to tidy my compositions and from a chance to offer fresh and original repertoire for pianists of various age and experience.

‘Pimedus keldris’ offers a diverse panorama of music: it features tunes suitable for professional pianists, hobbyists, teachers and students. The book also contains a link to listen to the recorded tunes online.

Presentation concerts took place 20.-21. February 2017 in Tartu and Tallinn with Ralf Taal on the piano. See photos of these events here.


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A digital CD with all of the tunes is available for listening and purchase here!