Nenex is the name of an original sports game in which each of the three players’ objective is to get a soft thin square piece of plastic called the nenex through his/her gate using a padded stick. The game is especially gripping due to the fact that the three gates are situated next to each other, therefore the more successful one of the players is, the higher are the other players’ chances to score. The game was born in Saku, Estonia, 2006 and currently there is a small group of activists in Tallinn promoting the game. FB

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Õgmu Kingdom

Õgmu Kingdom is competitive camping. One island, three teams, three days at three campsites. The Temporary Government of the Kingdom of Õgmlandia announces the election of a new leader for the Õgmu people – twelve most courageous and skilled citizens are brought to the island to determine, who’s eligible for the vacant throne.

Õgmu Kingdom was held on four summers in 2012-2014 and 2018.

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12 kings is a social strategy game, created on the island of Õgmu in summer 2015.

The 12 players are divided in four classes: peasants, nobility, priests, senators. Among the senators is the king. Each player climbs or descends in the established hierarchy using money, spells and agreements with other players to achieve his/her goals. The players meet at regular sessions chaired by the king. The objective of each player is to finish the game on the throne. The time between sessions is for the players to make deals, take sides and ultimately contribute to their final goal which is to remain or become the king when the final session ends. 12 kings has the face of its players. The rules only create a fictitious society in which each player’s success or failure depends on his/her ability to cooperate and deceive.avamang

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