Everyday Manifesto



The text of Argipäeva manifest (Everyday Manifesto) was born early in the morning in a train to Tartu after a tiresome exam period. Together with my deskmate, we put our ability to come up with the most extravagant words in Estonian to the test. At some point, we had to construct the word ourselves. For no apparent reason, we translated the poem to English the very same morning. The result was an absurd poem that doesn’t describe a usual working day a bit. This in turn became a longing that each day should have a little bit more fantasy and absurdity in it.

The music takes off with the same philosophy – our surrounding world of sound should be more diverse.

Sheet music

Amidst the glowless chamber
by thy chest I sneaked.
I, the pigtailed Prussian
astonished was by the scene.

Habitant of a Platonic beatstate I am.
Beat dawns, blaze flawns,
frigid limit wins,
the senses paralyzes in a Karabakh manner.

A gopher so smooth me eyed in secret
during when obsessed with chest I was.
Sandclock in dunes, sunken clepsydre,
I let past the life that could have a hammock’s been.