Music for Siim Maaten‘s play ‘ARM’.

The story is about two brothers, a travelling artist and a future mayor. They meet in their childhood home and the next morning the young men realize that without an apparent reason, they are unable to leave the house. Together they must find the reason why they are stuck in their home, because one of the brother falls ill and food is scarce. The play is a classical drama, inspired by the surreal world cinema of the sixties.

One of the brothers, Riho (Artur Linnus), accompanied three songs on the accordion from the repertoire of Metsatöll: ‘Kui rebeneb taevas’, ‘Kuni pole kodus, olen kaugel teel’ and ‘Minu kodu’. Parts of the last song played on the violin were used as transitions between scenes and the chorus was made the signature theme of the whole play. The play culminated with the chorus arranged for a small female choir.

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Review by Peeter Piiri (Sirp)
Eesti Teatri Agentuur

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