Intuition Cycle

Undetermined instruments

Performed by Helen Väljataga and Mikk Langeproon at H. Eller Tartu Music School.

The seed of the Intuition Cycle (or Intonation Cycle) was planted in summer 2011 when I together with a friend played long tones on two violins – to practice intonation and because of our interest in one constant pitch that changes its nature due to the changing context (the pitch by the other violinist). The piece at hand was born just like the first improvisations that lasted up to 30 minutes – intuitively.

I recorded 2-minute passages in counterpoint and to write something down, I chose the passages that pleased me the most. Required instruments to play the 3-piece tune are unfixed, but their sound must not fade away too quickly. With the aid of electronics, most instruments should be usable. Long constant sounds allow the listener to concentrate on the essence of one timbre without excessive noise and show how one pitch can change its nature when an accompanying counter-pitch changes.

Sheet music
part I
part II
part III