Matis Leima has studied composition at Georg Ots Tallinn Music School, he plays the fiddle, the piano, and the diatonic button accordion. Matis has worked as an instrument teacher in numerous youth camps, instructed goups in ensemble and arrangement and is currently teaching at Helivõlu Music School in Tartu. After returning from military service with the Orchestra of the Estonian Defence Forces, he graduated cum laude from University of Tartu (B.A. in History) and now continues his studies in folk music and composition. In 2015 he published a collection of folk-influenced sheet music ‘Luitekass’ (Sand Cat) and in 2017 sheet music collection of tunes for the piano ‘Pimedus keldris’ (Darkness in Basement). Matis is a member of Seto folk bands Kiiora and Zetod.
photo by: carmen seljamaa